Calling all residents who have yet to finish exams and are still studying for finals! Even though the evo library is the best place to read and work, we understand that changing up the setting may be helpful when revising – for example by enjoying a good coffee nearby. We can imagine that it is […]

Discovering our students residences with Valery Trahan

At first, Valéry Trahan a student in tourism management and hospitality at UQAM, couldn’t believe that she was the winner of a free one year lease at EVO through our #Showyourcolors contest. Now that she is well established in her room on the 26th floor enjoying panoramic views of downtown Montreal, it is finally sinking […]

A student will live for free this year at EVO Montreal!

If you thought that it was impossible to live in downtown Montreal for free, think again! By participating in our #ShowYourColors contest, you could win a fully equipped room for a year in the coolest student residence the city has to offer! This competition is also your opportunity to show your school pride and allegiance; […]

15 Montreal Music Artists You Should Already Know By Now

Montreal is a pool of talents. The city has immersed itself with the current world trends and we’re now finally seeing a heavy drift in its musical creations. Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and even Tokyo have influenced Montreal positively as we’re now discovering artists from all over town going up the ladder. Let’s […]

10 Music Festivals That You Don’t Wanna Miss This Summer

Summer is here and Montreal is alive again! From indie pop to EDM, you’re bound to find a festival that you’ll enjoy. To avoid searching through the internet for hours, here’s a list of the top 10 music festivals that you won’t want to miss. 1. Montreal International Jazz Festival – June 29-July 9, 2016 Still going […]

40 Incredible Montreal Murals That Left Their Mark on the City

It is the official opening day of MURAL 2016! Artists from around the globe will take place on our walls and create wonders for the next 10 days. As seen in the past years, the results are always astounding and we’re quite excited to see what they have for us in store this year. Let’s […]

10 Types of Roommates You’re Bound To Experience

As many of us can’t afford to live alone, sharing your spot with roommates is the first solution that comes to mind : they hold the promise of cost/space efficient living. They might even become your new best friends… or make you wish you never moved out of your parents’. Let’s check out together the 10 […]

20 essential places to visit in Montreal this summer

If you’re coming to Montreal this summer you will definitely want to check out all of the places listed below. From the best marchés offering the freshest food out there to the majestic green environments such as the Botanic Gardens, you won’t wanna miss one. Be sure to check out EVO if you’re looking for […]

Students of evo – Meet Guillaume Ruaud

“I was born and raised in Guadeloupe, a little island that is part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Last year, I moved to the United Stated to study and, thanks to my career counsellor, I got interested in Canada. He suggested UQAM so I applied there, got accepted and here I am in […]

101 Breathtaking Pictures of Montreal

Montreal is nothing less than a magical city. A city full of secrets, from summer to winter, fall to spring, Montreal has this special touch no other place in the world could ever have. An intriguing & beautiful metropolis every human on earth needs to pass by. Let’s take a look together at 101 pictures […]

10 Solid Reasons To Stay A Month In Montreal This Summer

If you’re looking to travel this summer, Montreal is your #1 location, hands down. With amazing establishments such as EVO which are fully ready to take you in for a month, you can enjoy at the right spot and time the beauty our city offers during the summer. From Osheaga to beautiful sunny parks and […]

13 Crucial Things To Ask Yourself Before Renting An Apartment

For many of us the end of the semester means moving out and all the hassle that comes with it. Whether you already had an apartment in Montreal or you lived in a school residence, the struggle stays the same. Let’s check out together the 13 things you desperately need to consider before getting a […]

50 Delivery Restaurants Any Montreal Student Needs On Speed Dial

Let’s face it we’re all rather lazy when it comes to cooking food, or even going out to eat in the middle of Montreal’s rough winter. Thus, the many delivery services come especially in hand when in desperate need of a good bite. The city of Montreal is recognized worldwide for being a great culinary town. […]

Our #evoMTL Valentine’s Day Guide

If you are in a relationship, you might want to think about doing something special with your loved one on Valentine’s Day. If not, well you’ll surely want to spend some time with your friends and/or family to forget about your single status for a night ;)! Here is a list of ideas that’ll probably […]