10 Solid Reasons To Stay A Month In Montreal This Summer

If you’re looking to travel this summer, Montreal is your #1 location, hands down. With amazing establishments such as EVO which are fully ready to take you in for a month, you can enjoy at the right spot and time the beauty our city offers during the summer. From Osheaga to beautiful sunny parks and street sales, Montreal is a worldwide favorite when it comes to fully enjoying life !

Staying this summer at EVO means living at the heart of the city ! Whether it is purely to enjoy the city, for business or even an internship, we provide everything you need to enjoy it all to the fullest. This summer only, we’re running a ‘’summer stays’’ promotion that allows you to rent out one of our wonderful rooms for a month, live chat with us below to know everything about this special promo.

Let’s check out together why you need to come visit this summer !


Photo Cred – Frank Opolko/CBC

Festivals On Festivals

It’s a known fact, Montreal’s summer months are full of festivals, week after week. Osheaga, Festival de Jazz, Just for Laughs, the list goes on and on. Surrounded by thousands of smiles, you’ll have the experience of life strolling through Montreal’s Place des Arts or île Ste-Hélène.

On another note, MURAL is a must-do in Montreal every summer ! 


Photo cred – NIKONQUEBEC

Concerts & Events Every Night

Montreal’s nightlife is recognized worldwide for being absolutely insane ! With events in clubs and concerts in small to big venues every day, we’re quite blessed here to have gatherings every night, there’s just always something to do.


Photo cred – MANNY

Terraces All Day

You will find hundreds of beautiful terraces to enjoy in Montreal. Montreal bars & restaurants always make sure you eat top food, drink the amazing beverages and enjoy the blissful Montreal sun !


Photo cred – canadanightlife.com

Piknic Electronik Every Weekend

Piknic Electronik is now world-wide but let’s not forget where it all started. Every Sunday, appreciate the best of electronic music from all over the world while grabbing a tasty Sapporo, their official sponsor. For not even 20$ you could have the best time of your life every weekend starting in May !


Photo cred – www.couperogers.com

Coupe Rogers

For a duration of two weeks you’ll be able to assist the best tennis games happening in North America. Williams, Bouchard and many more are coming to town to play the fine sport we all appreciate a lot ! Tickets are affordable and seats are comfy. Enjoy !


Photo cred – expedia.ca

Chill In Parks

With more food than drinks in your basket, the city of Montreal accepts drinking outdoor in park before 11pm ! Lie down, bath in the sun and drink a fresh beer on us.

Our personal favorite: Jardins Gamelins, at Berri-UQAM only 5 minutes from EVO, is at the heart of downtown and a brand new initiative by the city of Montreal to create an urban environment where you can grab a beer with friends !


Photo cred – unknown

Food Trucks Everywhere

They’ve been around for a while in Montreal and we just absolutely love them.Any type of food you can think, you’ll find a food truck with it on the streets of Montreal this summer !  Grab a bite and head to place des arts to join thousands of Montrealers.


Photo cred – tourisme-montreal.org


Montreal’s Tam-Tams is notorious in the city for being the chillest sunday event. Every weekend, thousands of Montrealers gather on Mount Royal to chat, play sports and appreciate good company under the sun. It is definitely a must try for any new comer and only 10 minutes of walk away from EVO !


Photo cred – Avenue Mont-Royal

Free Stuff

There’s so much to do in Montreal sometimes you might think it can get bad for your best buddy, the wallet. In fact, most festivals in Montreal include free activities in their schedules, as well as chilling in beautiful parks, enjoying street sales, free museum days and much more !


Photo cred – montrealcam.com

The Montreal Vibe

There’s just something about Montreal during the summer. If you ask any locals they’ll all say the same: it’s special. Words can’t describe the energy and atmosphere in Montreal when festivals, food trucks, outdoor activities, street performers all come to life together.

Make sure you book your one month visit with EVO to live straight downtown Montreal !

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