20 essential places to visit in Montreal this summer

If you’re coming to Montreal this summer you will definitely want to check out all of the places listed below. From the best marchés offering the freshest food out there to the majestic green environments such as the Botanic Gardens, you won’t wanna miss one.

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1. Olympic Park

The olympic parc is pretty much the go-to attraction to anyone that comes to Montreal. With beautiful landscape rocks and wonderful history it is purely a must-see. Head to subway station ‘“Pie-9” and enjoy the wonders that our Olympic park offers.


Photo – Wikipedia

2. Orange Julep

Now taking you to the complete other side of town, on the west side of Montreal, you will find this giant orange ball that is, indeed, part of our history. Orange Julep has been in Notre-Dame-De-Grâce (name of borough) for more than 30 years and it is in fact, a Montreal wonder. Head there for an orange soda and a proper poutine.


Photo – Marie-Eve Vallieres

3. Saint-Joseph Oratory of Mount-Royal

To many the most beautiful piece of architecture in Montreal, L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph is a historic monument of the city’s history. Located at Côte-Des-Neiges in the North-West of Montreal, it is definitely a must-see.


Photo – Wikipedia

4. Belvedere of Mount-Royal

The best possible way to get an easy look at how majestic Montreal’s skyline really is to head to Mount-Royal and walk up the hill to its belvedere. You will be able to catch the best Instagram picture, lemme tell ya.


Photo – Eclairage Publique

5. Clock Tower

The old port of Montreal is of course an amazing and lovely place to go. But did you know that if you go down a little bit further, you’ll be able to see the biggest clock tower of Montreal, L’Horlôge. Originally named the Victoria Pier, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the sun and St-Laurent waters at the same time. The city of Montreal has even established a restaurant and bar at the nearest beach. A party not to miss.


Photo – Jacques Nadeau

6. Mount-Royal Statue

Instead of going to the top, this time stay right at sea level and enjoy the Mount-Royal statue on a Sunday afternoon, famously called the ‘’tam-tams’’ for Montrealers. It is the #1 best spot for millennials in Montreal on a #sunnysunday.

August 19, 2012 - Montreal wandering: Gay village & Parc Lafontaine

Photo – Unknown

7. Lafontaine Park

Recognized as one of Montreal’s most amazing park, the beautiful Lafontaine Park is a must-see if you’re looking to venture into greener avenues. With its tennis grounds, beautiful lake and lovely people, you’ll have to best time walking through it with your loved ones.


Photo – Guide-Habitation

8. EVO

Originally a hotel, EVO joined Montreal to enforce the best possible residence for Montreal visitors and students. Head to our rue Sherbrooke (Downtown) or Square Victoria (Old Montreal) towers to witness the fascinating establishment, perfect for summer vacations.


Photo – 10 Best

9. Ste-Catherine Street

The #1 spot for shopping (ladies grab your wallets), Ste-Catherine street is the busiest street of Montreal by far. With now three H&Ms (yes, THREE), you can practically be sure you’ll get out of there with the perfect outfit for your summer activities.


Photo – Via Foire Commerciale De L’Avenue

10. Mont-Royal Street

Mont-Royal street is full of energy all summer long. If you follow the last points, you’ll probably take it anyway but make sure you go when street sales are happening (specific weekends of summer) as it is purely the most awesome time ever. Grab a bite at Piri-Piri & a lemonade on the street as you stroll through Montreal’s vibrant street.


Photo – Travel Channel

11. The Village

The ‘’Quartier Gai’’ is one of Montreal’s most vibrant borough. During summer, that side of Ste-Catherine is lightened up by hundreds of magical pink lights. Encounter the diversity of Montreal to its fullest !


Photo – Forward.com

12. The Mile-End

Voted one of the most beautiful boroughs of Canada, the Mile-End is home to Ubisoft’s very own Montreal office and the best bagels in the world. Walk on St-Viateur as you bite into the tasty texture of a well-prepared bagel accompanied with a perfect 3rd wave coffee.


Photo – Bruno D. Capture

13. Saint-Laurent Boulevard

The core of Montreal remains its nightlife. Saint-Laurent street is indeed where it goes down, and not only in the DMs. With over 20 bars to welcome you and your friends, you’ll find the perfect mix of happiness and comfort into Montreal’s nightlife.


Photo – Wikiwand

14. La Ronde

Either you’re coming with family, friends or your S.O, La Ronde is a definite must-do when in Montreal. The Six Flags attractions are purely amazing and they actually are renewing a few of them this year to make it even more exciting.

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Photo – Dronestagram

15. Marché Atwater & Marché Jean-Talon

The city of Montreal is particularly lucky as far as restaurant goes. However, the greatest thing to have established itself in the city are the ‘’Marchés’’. With the freshest fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meat and much more, you’ll find the best of Quebec’s ingredients right there. Head to subway stations Atwater or Jean-Talon and its a 2 minutes walk from there!


Photo – Steve Geronagge

16. Notre-Dame Basilica

Situated in the Old Port of Montreal (subway station Place-d’Armes), ‘’la Basilique Notre-Dame’’ is Montreal’s most wonderful church. Its inside as beautiful as its outside.


Photo – Escapade Media

17. Botanic Gardens of Montreal

Situated close to the Olympic Park (listed above), the Botanic Gardens of Montreal are a justice to nature in all of its forms. If you’re looking to see more than a simple park, head to station Viau for a direct encounter with the most beautiful environment you will ever see.


Photo – Quartier des Spectacles

18. Quartier des Spectacles

The greatest thing about this point is that the picture above of Place des Arts, aka pretty much the Quartier des Spectacles, is a perfect representation of what you will see entering its ‘’walls’’. Montreal’s best festivals happen there, right in the heart of the city and you need to go if you’re coming by this summer.


Photo – Tourby Transit

19. Biosphere

Located at l’Île Sainte-Hélène, Montreal’s biosphere is the perfect attraction for any technology & environment lovers. You’ll be able to participate in funny activations while also enjoying the beauty of the Biosphere.


Photo – Canada Nightlife

20. Jean-Drapeau Park

Parc Jean-Drapeau is notoriously the ground host of Osheaga. The Jean-Drapeau park also hosts more intense music festivals such as HeavyMTL and IleSonic. It is home of Piknic Electronik (Which happens every weekend) & many more such as les Nuits d’Afriques.

Definitely a must-go to enjoy what Montreal has to offer for events & festivals.

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