A student will live for free this year at EVO Montreal!

If you thought that it was impossible to live in downtown Montreal for free, think again! By participating in our #ShowYourColors contest, you could win a fully equipped room for a year in the coolest student residence the city has to offer!

This competition is also your opportunity to show your school pride and allegiance; your school’s honor is at stake!

Complete contest details here!

evo show your colors

Here’s how it works:

From August 18 to September 5, keep your eyes open for our street teams that will be patrolling campuses with badges created to the colors of each University. Find them!

(If you don’t get to see one of our street teams, don’t worry. Just head straight to EVO Old Montreal and we’ll take good care of you there.)

Once this is achieved, there’re only 2 easy steps to complete.

Head to EVO Old Montreal, subscribe your name and email and put your badge on the giant installation.

To complete your contest application, just share a picture of yourself in front of the installation with #Showyourcolors.

By doing so, you’ll get the chance to win your rent for a year at EVO – and a possible scathing victory for your school!

Imagine, you could live all year in a building with an indoor pool ,a gym, where you can take yoga classes and kickboxing classes, without paying heating or electricity and with unlimited Wi-Fi , as in ” you can do anything, your Internet is not going to cost you a penny ! ”

Make your school proud, from August 18 to  September 5, 2016, #ShowYourColors !


evo old montreal contest
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