The student Burnout!

The student burn out, yes it exists and it is not to take lightly!

If you feel exhausted, tired as emotionally as physically, it’s not just the fault of the change of season …

You are exhausted!

Work overload, stress, fear of failure, isolation, personal difficulties … If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, perhaps you suffer from overwork! Burn out a reality not to be ignored! More than one in five students are affected!


Extreme fatigue or burn out?

From anxiety to discouragement: the signals that must alarm you!

Of course, we do not crack without notice, overnight. Some signals can alert you.

the fight phase, first of all, during which you will tend to surpass yourself at the expense of your health and your social life. You sleep little , you don’t go out, don’t have more moments of relaxation and have no more appetite, you are anxious, irritable …

the phase of discouragement, then the one where you let go and usually go into depression. You cry for a “nothing”, you feel overwhelmed, powerless, ineffective, have no taste for anything, see no way out, no solution …


The solutions!

Be well surrounded by your loved ones! Create links with your classmates.

Take time to think of yourself! Listen to music that soothes you, walk half an hour, eat what you like!

Don’t compare yourself to others! It’s not a competition, you do it for yourself and others can help you!

Ask for help from your friends, family, a professional who will listen to you and reassure you!

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