Students of evo – Meet Guillaume Ruaud

“I was born and raised in Guadeloupe, a little island that is part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Last year, I moved to the United Stated to study and, thanks to my career counsellor, I got interested in Canada. He suggested UQAM so I applied there, got accepted and here I am in Montreal ! As I am studying International Business, my biggest dream would be to open my own office, to be financially independent.

I love the atmosphere and the super social aspect of evo. It’s filled with hundreds of students so it’s easy and simple to make new friends. Everybody is fun and easygoing and comes from all around the world. These are the types of relationships that you want to build when studying abroad!

My daily routine? I wake up, go to the gym and train, then I cool down by the pool or in the sauna. I have afternoon classes and, when I come back from school, I go back to the gym before my study session. My friends and I go eat in the communal lounge/kitchen and, finally, I go to bed.

When I’ll leave evo next month, I’ll go back home to Guadeloupe for 6 days, then I’ll head to Los Angeles to work for a telecommunications and marketing company. Afterwards, I’ll move to China for a six-month exchange program and I’ll finally go back home to Guadeloupe to work for the family business.”

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