The cell phone and you !

Cell phone, your best friend but also your worst enemy!

We all know it, without your cell phone we are nothing.

Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter …

It is so faithful that he follows us everywhere, from waking to bedtime! But is it the ideal friend? Not really.

44% say they sleep with their cell next to the bed or under the pillow so they don’t miss anything. The cell phone has had such an impact on our lives that many of us have become slaves to it. For some of us, it has become an addiction.

We do not imagine without it and its absence, causes us anxiety and stress. What are the negatives points about them? And what solutions to use?


1. Sleeping disturbed

Blue light has a negative impact on our sleep. Too much exposure to the screens in the night can cause insomnia or difficulty falling asleep.

Solution: To make sure you sleep well, turn off electronic devices about an hour and a half before going to bed.


2.Memory affected

The harmfulness of electromagnetic waves can cause health problems. Researchers have observed a significant increase in brain cancers in rats that have been heavily exposed to the waves.


3.Fertility exposed

A team of researchers led by Fiona Matthews at the University of Exeter, England, investigated the issue of infertility.

1,492 men were exposed to electromagnetic radiation from smartphones. The mobility of their sperm has been reduced by 8% and viability by 9%.


4.Damaged eyes

Excessive use of mobile phones and screens in general impacts the lens of the eye and promotes myopia.


5.Inflamed pillow

If you sleep with your phone under your pillow, danger! The cushions are made from easily flammable components. A phone left in charge all night may create an overload and placed under a combustible material, it may ignite!

Solution: Put your phone on your bedside table, on your desk or on the floor at the foot of your bed.


Even if you are an additive generation to your cell phone! Try to separate it from time to time for your well-being!
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