8 reasons why winter is a hot season for students in Montreal!

Winter days, dull days? Here are 8 reasons why living in Montreal is enjoyable year-round.

Because of its history and its geographical location, Quebec is the perfect mix of European and American cultures. As the only French-speaking province of the country, it enjoys a truly unique identity. Many consider Montreal to be its unofficial capital because of its lively culture and rich ethnic background. In the summertime, its many renowned festivals draw both local and international crowds. And contrary to what one might think, Montreal loses none of its warmth during the winter season! Montrealers know how to stay the life of the party even when the mercury drops.

Secret passageways

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Did you know that Montreal hosted the largest underground complex in the world? A pedestrian route of 33 km which allows access to various businesses, residential buildings and even universities! In addition to protecting them from Mother Nature’s mood swings, it offers Montrealers a multitude of restaurants and shops. EVO’s Old Montreal residence has direct access to this underground city and to the subway network, meaning you can get from home, to the classroom, to the grocery store without even having to step outside!

Outdoors clubbing

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Montreal is known for its EDM scene. On the Île Sainte-Hélène, the Piknic Électronik has the crowds dancing every Sunday of summer. And the cold season doesn’t stop Montrealers from partying under the stars! During the last three weekends of January, the Old Port puts on its dancing shoes to welcome Igloofest, a festival attracting the best local and international DJs. Ice bar, lighting sets and neon coloured snowsuits call for a heated good time!

To the mountain

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It is recognizable for miles around and its famous cross is a key landmark in the city: the Mount Royal has a very special place in the heart of Montrealers. Thanks to it, no need to go to the countryside for a nature escape and a breath of fresh air. In winter, Montrealers travel its trails by walking or skiing and those nostalgic of their childhood can be seen tubing along its sides.

Time for cocoa

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After hours spent playing outside, nothing beats a hot cocoa to get back on track. After all, winter is the season of cocooning! Juliette & Chocolat, temple of chocolate for almost 15 years, is a true Montreal classic. Its « drinkable chocolates », as the place calls them, are precisely what made it famous. Their selection of hot chocolates is never-ending and especially mouth-watering!

City of lights

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The end of February sees the kickoff of Montréal en lumière, one of the world’s largest winter festivals. Its ultimate goal is to celebrate the cold season through activities combining the arts and gastronomy. It reaches its peak during the Nuit Blanche, a circuit of exceptional activities that last all night long across town. EVO residences are located in the heart of the action!

Icy bliss

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With its breathtaking views of the frozen Saint Lawrence River and the snow-covered roofs of Old Montreal, the Old Port’s skating rink is picture perfect. Thanks to a refrigeration system, Montrealers can enjoy its pristine ice more than a hundred days a year. The rink is always full during its DJ hosted theme nights. Stash Café, a Polish restaurant located a few blocks away, is the place to refuel with comfort food after a good skate.

Road trip to Tremblant

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One of North America’s finest ski mountains can be found within an hour and a half from Montreal. With its colorful roofs and pedestrian streets, Mont-Tremblant village looks straight out of a Disney movie! On weekends, the mountain is filled with local and international winter sports lovers. Even non-skiers are found since Tremblant is also known for its après ski culture!

Sweet times at the sugar shack

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A Quebec winter wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the sugar shack, the legendary place where the world famous maple syrup is made. Every year, many Montrealers rush to the cabane à sucre to stuff themselves with tire d’érable – heated maple syrup poured over snow – and traditional Quebec dishes. The meals are served communally in a friendly family atmosphere. To follow the tradition, EVO residences also serve tire d’érable in the first days of spring.

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