18 Spots Near Montreal To Get Lost In Nature Before Summer Ends

Montreal is an electric city surrounded by many incredible outdoor places where you can breathe pure air! Because we know that you don’t always have time for a super long drive, here’s our list of the 18 spots you have to discover before summer ends!

1. Mont St-Grégoire

Photo credit: @pizza_cote

Mont St-Grégoire is a 45 minute drive from the city. You can hike, bike or try Arbraska, an hebertism experience up in the trees! You can also fish, if you’re more of an  “outdoor and chill” type of person.

2. Mont-Royal

Mont-Royal - crédit - Ramon Espelt Photography 2.jpeg copy
Photo credit: Ramon Espelt Photography

Mont-Royal is renowned for its wonderful view of the city, BUT It’s also the perfect place to get in shape while being downtown. Challenge yourself to a mountain bike ride, or a run up the mountain…

3. Mont-St-Hilaire

Photo credit: @lau.mayer

Now here is a nice hike to do with friends or family. You can do the 25km hike and end up with a well-deserved picnic right next to the Hertel Lake.

4. Jarry Park

parc jarry_judithruddca
Photo credit: @judithruddca

This park is sooo huge!  You can play Tennis, Beach Volley, Frisbee, you can rollerblade, skate or swim, and there’s also an outdoor gym! Check it out!

5. Mont St-Bruno

matdeguise_ Mont-st-bruno
photo credit: @matdeguise

Mont St-Bruno is definitely not the highest mountain near the city but its National Park is without hesitation, one of the most beautiful place less than 30 minutes away from Montreal. It’s basically a runner’s paradise.

6. Laurier Park

parc Laurier_ovrgrnd
photo credit: @ovrgrnd

Let’s be honest here, Laurier Park is more of a “very chill” type of outdoor. Bring a frisbee, a soccer ball and roll with a bunch of friends. There’s also a baseball court and ping pong tables, in case you like to ball without sweating too much.

7. Bromont

Photo credit: @alcamik

Bromont is a renowned skiing destination, but you can also have some serious biking fun during summer. Head over to to Le Centre national de cyclisme de Bromont where you can mountain bike, road bike or do some BMX.

8. Lachine Canal

Photo credit: @lau.meyer

Lachine Canal is your go-to spot in Montreal if you like biking or running. A thing people don’t know is that you can rent a kayak, a pedalo or an electric boat! (for the “lazy outdoor” out of us)

9. Parc des Îles de Boucherville

Photo credit: @reseausepaq

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Boucherville is : suburbs. Nothing really exciting you’d say. Wrong! The Parc national des Îles de Boucherville is the perfect place to push yourself. There’s an 8km marked water trail that takes 3 hours to complete, but you can for sure make it in 2h30 😉

10. Maisonneuve Park

parc maisonneuve_samia_chek
Photo credit: @samia_chek

Head over to the East Side of town to discover this park you can basically get lost in. If you golf, there’s a 9 holes, if not, watch out if you hear “foreeee”!

11. Lasalle

photo credit: @jean_philippeg

Real outdoor lovers live there. Why? Lasalle is only a 30 minute drive from downtown that feels like a safe haven where you can bike, water ski, kayak or any other sports you can think of. It’s worth the drive!

12. Île-Ste-Hélène

Photo Credit: @parcjeandrapeau

On Île Sainte-Hélène, there’s Parc Jean Drapeau. You’ll find a huge Olympic Bassin  where you can do everything with something that look like a kayak. You can bike, rollerblade, or if you’re feeling “extreme”, you can go to the beach and try wakeboarding by teletraction!

13. La Fontaine park

photo credit: @jimgibbs

If you’d like to run in nature, but you’re in the city and have no time for a long drive, La Fontaine Park if perfect for you. It’s full of trees, there’s a lake, and after 4 or 5 laps, you’ll might wanna rest and picnic with everyone else!

14. Rivière des Milles-Îles

photo credit: @elisabeth_platero

Wanna see the wetlands from another perspective? You can paddle on the river for hours and discover the beauty of a completely different landscape. If you want to push the experience to an “epic level”, there’s a 155km water trail, starting from l’Outaouais to Lanaudière.

15. Parc d’Oka

oceanee88 parc d'oka
photo credit: @oceanee88

If you’re really pumped and ready to drive 50 minutes to get to a natural heaven, go straight to Parc national d’Oka! You can literally practice any outdoor sports: Kayak, Dinghy, SUP, pedalo, sail, bike and hike. If you’re with friends, why not rent a shack for a night!

16. Promenade Bellerive

photo credit:

Promenade Bellerive is a good spot for bike riders who are tired of their usual rides. Feeling a bit wild? Try the outdoor zumba! You have until August 25th to get yourself up there, and it’s free. Ps. no one will judge you!

17. Baldwin Park

parc baldwin_parc baldwin
photo credit: parc baldwin

The smallest, but also the cutest. There’s a nice public pool (not as crowded as Laurier’s), tennis courts and the outdoor yoga is a local’s rendez-vous!

18. Bois de Belle-Rivière


If you want to experience old school outdoor, go to Le Bois de Belle-Rivière and try horseback riding. If you are more conservative, try some trails ;).


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