12 Thoughts Every Student Has When The Semester Is Over

Photo cred – Alexis Ren

The end of the semester is right around the corner! Every student is bound to go through a number of interesting thoughts after finishing up their last exam. It’s a common thing, you can’t get away from it.

Let’s check them out together:

‘’Where’s the end of semester party at?’’

#TURNUP! You may (read you will) hear this in the upcoming weeks downtown. Be prepared, hordes of Montreal students will invade St-Laurent, Crescent and Mont-Royal to celebrate the end of the semester.


‘’Oh my, I finally get the time to do some spring cleaning’’

It really does feel good. You’re now actually able to enjoy your apartment in all of its glory.


‘’When in the love of god are they posting the grades?’’

‘’I can’t wait anymore, it’s too much’’. Yeah, you will probably hear that many times from your friends or class mates after the first week the semester is done.

It’s okay though, you’ve got all the time in the world to do activities now and you’re better off getting active and not worrying about your grades for the time being.


‘’OMG, Mommy’s meals !’’

You’ve just finished your last exam and it hits you…You’re indeed only a few hours away from devouring a freshly cooked meal from mom ! YES !!!


‘’Time to finally hit the gym.’’

Here’s your chance to actually get fit again ! Hit back the gym and get that summer body you want so badly before you reach the beautiful beaches. There’s a wonderful gym at EVO available every day for residents !


‘’What am I going to do for a whole month?’’

Well, the excitement of freedom is definitely present, but the question comes quickly to one’s mind – What am I going to do for an entire month of free time? There’s the possibility to grab an internship or you might also want to try a new sport.


‘’Let’s go to the pool! ’’

The best way to start your break is to grab your EVO resident card and head to the pool available only for our residents ! Purely the nicest way to celebrate the end of the semester.


‘’Oh my goodness it’s 11am: I MISSED CLASS’’

That feeling. Waking up urgently, sweating and freaking out because you think you missed class just to realize it’s been two weeks you haven’t been to school because you’re on break…#backinbed.


‘’Let’s grab a drink !’’

You just finished your exam and it is time for a fresh pint of beer. Whether it is 4pm or 10pm, finishing up your last exam of the semester and taking off all of the accumulated stress is worth the for a drink. Enjoy !


‘’Netflix & chill alone ‘til 4am? YES WE CAN ! ‘’

You sit down on your couch on Wednesday night and tell yourself ‘’netflix time babe’’. You’re now free to enjoy all the extremely interesting documentaries or even TEDtalks on Netflix as you wish, until the late hour you desire.


‘’All my friends are gone!?’’

Well oh well, you’re the only one of your friends who actually didn’t leave to see their folks back home. Time to hit the gym, the spa, shop a little and read the books you’ve been trying to finish for months.


‘’Time for some shopping ! ’’

You finally got the time to shop around St-Catherine Street during the break and now you’ve got five new amazing sets of clothes, but no one to see them. It’s a long wait until you get the chance to show it all off to your new classmates, #1stworldproblems.

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