Calling all residents who have yet to finish exams and are still studying for finals! Even though the evo library is the best place to read and work, we understand that changing up the setting may be helpful when revising – for example by enjoying a good coffee nearby. We can imagine that it is […]

40 Incredible Montreal Murals That Left Their Mark on the City

It is the official opening day of MURAL 2016! Artists from around the globe will take place on our walls and create wonders for the next 10 days. As seen in the past years, the results are always astounding and we’re quite excited to see what they have for us in store this year. Let’s […]

101 Breathtaking Pictures of Montreal

Montreal is nothing less than a magical city. A city full of secrets, from summer to winter, fall to spring, Montreal has this special touch no other place in the world could ever have. An intriguing & beautiful metropolis every human on earth needs to pass by. Let’s take a look together at 101 pictures […]