Study in Canada: Everything you need to know !

Many of you come to Canada to study. In fact, more than 200,000 students come every year! Canada is rated among the world’s top 5 destinations to study. According to a recent publication, the Quacquarelli Symonds Institute (QS) has rated Montréal as the best university city in the world in 2017! 

In order to study in Canada and the Quebec region you need a study permit

6 steps to follow if you want to study here:

1- Inform yourself

Would you like to study in Canada? Make sure to do your research well and read up on the education system, the different universities, the cost of studies, financial aid, student jobs … This will help you make an informed decision.

There are also official websites to guide you (the links are at the end of the article).


2- Apply for admission at your desired institution:

Before submitting your application, select, according to your interests, the schools and programs in Canada that will allow you to grow and experience a unique experience!


3- Acquire a study permit

Once your application has been accepted by an educational institution in Canada, and you have also met the eligibility criteria, you can apply for a study permit.

If you want to study in Montreal or in the province of Quebec, you must first obtain a Québec Certificate of Acceptance (QCA).

Take note: If your application is approved, you will receive a letter of introduction confirming your admission. The letter is not your study permit – only upon your arrival in Canada and after presentation of this letter an immigration officer can issue your study permit.


4- Prepare for your departure to Canada

The departure is fast approaching and your new stage in life is waiting for you!

It’s time to look where you’ll be staying, maybe in one of our residences! You can discover them here: evo Montreal.

Before taking off, gather all the necessary documents for your stay and research information on living in Canada, lifestyle, activities etc …

The essential documents for your departure:
  • Your passport
  • Your study permit (or letter of authorization issued by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada)
  • Your temporary resident visa (if applicable)
  • Your certificate of acceptance of Québec for studies.
  • Your health certificate (if you were required to undergo a medical examination before obtaining your study permit)
  • The letter of admission from your educational institution


5- Prepare the steps on your temporary installation

We advise you to arrive 15 days before the start of your classes. This will give you time to comfortably install yourself in Montreal and deal with some administrative and practical steps such as:

  • Health and hospital insurance: RAMQ in Quebec
  • Make your metro / bus card: OPUS card in Montreal
  • Explore mobile plans


Now that you prepared everything and got your Study Permit, it is time to pack your luggage, buy the flying tickets and come to Canada.

Also remember: if you need any help during this process, you can always count on the expertise of Mercan International Education professionals to guide you through the VISA application process.
Due to Mercan Group wealth experience and network, they have a thorough understanding of the immigration programs around the world and are confident we can provide all clients, including people in business, students, workers and companies a wide range of services.

Mercan Group is a leader in the field of investment, immigration and recruitment and has developed a reputation for integrity and efficiency. 


*This post does not constitute legal advice. Please contact Canadian Immigration Authorities for further information.

See you soon!


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