How to find your way in Montreal


Did you know that you could call a cab directly with a cellphone app?

Meet your new best friend : Uber!


Your cellphone is dying? No biggy! Directly on Sherbrooke and Hutchinson, or on University street and St-Catherine street corners, there is always a bunch of taxis that are waiting.

*What you need to know about cabs in Montréal :

  • When the taxis’ lights is off, the taxi is busy. When it is turned on, you’re good to go.
  • Taxis are safe in the city, but bringing a friend with you is always recommended.
  • You have to leave a 15% tip to the driver
  • The fare starts at 3,50$ and increases with the amount of time/km



Where to find them? There are stations (racks) all over the city.

How to pay? By credit card (the machines are beside the racks)

How much does it cost? Prices available on pay stations metro

The metro is probably the most convenient and popular option when it comes to transportation. Just look for this sign ————————————————————————>

*Cost : 3.00$ per ticket or 5.50$ for 2



For The 24 goes East and West on Sherbrooke

*Great way to go to Concordia if you don’t want to go underground

Find the schedule of all buses in Montreal on the STM website at




If you’re a full-time student and use the metro often, here’s your solution:

The OPUS card gives you unlimited access to the bus AND metro

*Do not forget to bring your student card with you for a proof.


*Regular rate : 79.50$ per month

*Students preferential rate : (18-25 years of age) : 47.25$ per month


You have to go to the BERRI UQAM station to get your OPUS card


To get more information on the registration or to plan your bus and/or metro trip :


You can get to the south shore (Longueuil) with your OPUS card, but you’ll have to pay an extra fee if you want to take public transportation back to Montreal.

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